Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Crayon the Movie-reason to be happy..

Pagi-pagi ni check email ni, dan terima email dari produser filem Krayon..
Happy to hear that... Congrats Dean.. congrats to the produser. Ermmm Malaysian tak appriciate filem ni, orang luar pulak menilai dan percaya karya anak tempatan kita.

Happy... Happy... Happy...

ok ni kandungan email yang Elis, hantar kepada saya.

Dearest friends,

The Christmas shopping season and hustle and bustle of the New Year does
not put a stop to the buzz in the entertainment world as the list of
eligible movies competing for the Academy Awards, better known as the
Oscars was released. Expressions of shock and disbelief were in the air
upon hearing unprecedented news this week.

Crayon- a Malaysian made feature is on the list! It will be amongst 248
select movies vying for top honors for the 2011 Academy Awards to be held
end of February at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. This marks a
significant moment in Malaysian and Asian film history as this amazing
feat by our filmmakers is finally realized.

For a complete list of 2011 Academy Awards eligibility list go to:

~ Warmest regards from the Producers of Crayon ~

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atty's on 8:35 AM said...

wah tahniah..

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